Pinewoods Post

Archives of the Pinewoods Post are posted on this page in PDF format. To receive a hard copy by snail mail, please call the office-508-224-4858 or email .


Pinewoods Post – Autumn 2017

A story about long time Camper, Ann Mason, Notes from the Board, Notes from the Executive Director, 2017 Annual Appeal, Spring Work weekends, and Tick Talk.

Pinewoods Post 5.3.17

Greetings from the new Board President, Notes for the Executive Director, New Crew, Six Ponds Annual Meeting and Community Dance, Spring Work weekends

Pinewoods Post Autumn 2016

In this edition: Introducing Our Next Executive Director; A Quick Overview of Pinewoods’s Capital Projects; Final Notes from this Director; Farewell to Judy Savage; Board Transitions; Work Weekends; 2017 Annual Appeal

Pinewoods Post Spring 2016

In this edition: Eight Decades: Moments in the Life of PCI Employee #1, Executive Director Search, NGI Youth Scholarship Expansion, Spring Work Weekends, Notes from the Executive Director

Pinewoods Post Autumn 2015

In this edition: Erwin Raisz’s Historic Camp Map, 10 Years Later – Still Saying Thank-You, We Couldn’t Do It Without You, Board Transitions, Notes from the Executive Director

Pinewoods Post Spring 2015

In this edition: Historic Storrow & Conant Films Digitized, A Quick Overview of Pinewoods Projects – Part II, Introducing Bean, PCI Board Transitions, Notes from the Executive Director, Spring Work Weekends, and Six Ponds Annual Meeting and Community Dance

Pinewoods Post Autumn 2014

In this issue: A Brief History of Pinewoods Capital Projects, PCI Board Transitions, Notes from the Director, President’s Message, More Labors of Love

Pinewoods Post Spring 2014

In this issue: Tradition at Pinewoods Camp, Forest Management Plan, Greetings from Jan Elliott, PCI Board Transitions, Notes from the Director, Road Improvements, Community Dance, Spring Work Weekends, Cadwallader Estate Bequest

Pinewoods Post Autumn 2013

In this issue: A Camper’s Week Serenade, Notes from the Director, PCI President’s Message, Poem: Walking Down The Path At Pinewoods,
Labors of Love

Pinewoods Post Spring 2013

In this issue: Nemo hits hard; Pinewoods bounces back!, Survey Results, In Memoriam: Helene Cornelius, Notes from the Director, Planned Giving, Spring Work Weekends

Pinewoods Post Autumn 2012

In this issue: Memories of Labor Day Weekend 2012, Notes from the Director, Pinewoods Post Newsletter Questionnaire, PCI Board News, Work Weekends

Pinewoods Post Spring 2012

In this issue: Dining Hall/Kitchen now: more space; same spirit, Ode to Early Music Week, Notes from the Director, Twenty Tables of Eight, Please Ask Us First, Community Dance, Work Weekenders Welcome

Pinewoods Post Autumn 2011

In this issue: The first “Harmony of Song and Dance Week” at Pinewoods, Swing into Summer 2011, Notes from the Director, A collection of people’s memories of Irene at Pinewoods, Annual Appeal, Work Weekend Volunteers, PCI Board News

Pinewoods Post Spring 2011

In this issue: The Many Lives of C# Dance Pavilion, Camera Courtesy, Notes from the Director, A One-Time-Only Opportunity, Join us for our Community Dance, Work Weekenders Welcome, Brim – a poem

Pinewoods Post Autumn 2010

In this issue: The Dish on the New Dining Hall, The Scots at Pinewoods, Notes from the Director, Annual Appeal, Work Weekends, Pinewoods Board of Directors

Pinewoods Post Spring 2010

In this issue: Your Legacy Dollars at Work, Stay Connected, Notes from the Director, Camera Courtesy, Dinosaur Diary, Local Land Acquisition and Preservation, Spring Work Weekends, Community Dance, Lost and Found

Pinewoods Post Autumn 2009

In this issue: Changes Ahead for the Changing Rooms, In Memoriam, Annual Appeal, The PCI Archives – What’s New About What’s Old, Notes from the Director, Building a Rain Garden at Camp

Pinewoods Post Spring 2009

In this issue: Pinewoods Camp Nominated to the National Register of Historic Places, New View for the Camp Store, From the Director, Annual Appeal, Pinewoods Board, Community Dance, Happy 34th Birthday, Family Week!, Ampleforth, Do we really have to leave now?, Spring Work Weekends, Wish List

Pinewoods Post Autumn 2008 / Winter 2009

In this issue: Legacy Campaign Update, In Memorium, Notes from the Director, Annual Appeal, Healthy Eating at Pinewoods, A new String Bass at Pinewoods, Work Weekends, Pinewoods Legacy Campaign Contributor List

Pinewoods Post Spring 2008

In this issue: Commemorating the legacy campaign, Ampleforth update, Community dance, Editor notes, New generation initiative, Staying healthy at camp, The Folk Arts Center of New England at Pinewoods, Annual appeal