There are eighteen seats on the Board of Directors of Pinewoods Camp Inc. representing our four Program Providers, a member of the Conant Family, and four at-large directors. The seats are currently occupied by the following members:

The Country Dance and Song Society Martin Barbour, President (MA)

Alex Ellis (RI)

Sonya Kaufman, Secretary (VT)

John Lam (NC)

Harris Lapiroff (MA)

Marney Morrison (VA)

Laura Parsons (KY)

Jo Rasi (DC)

Gillian Stewart, Vice-President (MA)

Michal Warshow (VA)

The Country Dance Society—Boston Centre Lisa Greenleaf (MA)
The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Bruce Mabbott (MA)
The Folk Arts Society of New England Elliot Isen, Treasurer (MA)
Members-at-Large Anna Alter (MA)

Caroline Chapin (MA)

Margie Landa (NY)

Corey Walters (MA)

Member of the Conant Family Susan Conant (SC)

Members of the Board of Directors make decisions about maintaining and improving camp facilities, budget issues, camp fees, as well as advising the Executive Director.

The Executive Director, Chris Jacobs, manages the camp and directs the Pinewoods organization, day-to-day and year-round, with input and assistance from board members and from the Head of Facilities, Dennis Carchedi.

Photo by Nathaniel Smith.