What We Provide

Along with the beautiful woodland setting, Pinewoods provides you with good food, comfortable shelter, and many other amenities, as follows:

  • Food: our kitchen crew cooks three nutritious meals per day – breakfast, lunch, dinner – served in the Dining Hall;
  • Lodging: we provide you with a camp bed, mattress, pillow, closet and clothing storage space, mirror, lighting, electric outlet, wooden chair
  • Telephones and internet access are available at the Program Center. Please be aware that internet access is very limited at Pinewoods. There is one public phone at Pinewoods for camper use. This phone does take incoming calls, as well as outgoing. The 508-224-1430 line is attached to an answering machine which is checked regularly for camper messages. If a matter is extremely urgent, messages for campers may be sent to the Pinewoods camp office phone, but it is simply not practical for crew members to go out around camp trying to find campers to answer a phone call, except in an EXTREME emergency. We ask that campers make other arrangements (e.g. answering machines, room-mates) to access non-emergency messages while at camp.
  • Outgoing mail, placed in the white mailbox on the porch of the Program Center, is collected by grounds crew every morning;
  • Camp Store – the octagonal building in the Square – contains snacks, drinks, ice-cream, ice-cubes, flashlights/batteries and sundry useful items for sale;
  • First Aid Room is located at the back of the Program Center, behind the public phone-booths. It is stocked with basic first-aid items only (bandages, ice-packs, etc.) – we are not permitted to dispense medications. Aspirin, etc., may be purchased at the Camp Store. There are instant ice-packs provided in all four dance pavilions; if you use one, please replace it from the stock in the First Aid Room.
  • Lost & Found is located in the green trunk in the Camphouse. Valuable items should be given to either the Camp Manager or the Program Administrator, instead of being put into the trunk.