Pinewoods committees are composed of board members and other interested and knowledgeable people.  Each committee oversees an aspect of camp business.

Executive: Martin Barbour (Chair), Eileen Callahan, Dave Casserly, Alex Ellis, Elliot Isen, Sonya Kaufman (Secretary)

Facilities (CFC): Warren Anderson, Martin Barbour, Eileen Callahan (Co-Chair), Susan Conant, Alex Ellis (Co-Chair),

Philanthropy and Volunteerism: Martin Barbour, Susan Creighton, Alex Ellis, Elliot Isen, Sonya Kaufman, Laura Parsons

Finance: Martin Barbour, David Conant, Elliot Isen (Chair), Margie Landa, Bruce Mabbott, Corey Walters

Communications: Martin Barbour, Harris Lapiroff, Marney Morrison (Co-Chair and Post Editor), Laura Parsons (Co-Chair), Jo Rasi

Nominating: Harris Lapiroff, Laura Parsons, Jo Rasi (Chair)

Personnel: Martin Barbour, Dave Casserly, Margie Landa (Chair), Corey Walters

Archives: Martin Barbour, Susan Creighton, Margaret Keller Dimock, Jo Rasi (Chair)

Scholarships: Anna Alter (Chair), Martin Barbour, Margaret Keller Dimock, Jan Elliott, Sonya Kaufman

Inclusion and Antiracism:  Martin Barbour, Margaret Keller Dimock, Margie Landa, Marney Morrison (Chair), Natty Smith

Ad hoc Committees

Strategic Planning: Anna Alter, Martin Barbour, Nancy Barbour, Susan Conant, Bruce Mabbott

Centennial Planning: Dave Casserly, Susan Creighton