Staff and Crew

Year Round Staff

Chris Jacobs

Executive Director

Chris Jacobs is an executive director, science educator, and facilities and personnel manager, with professional experience working for non-profit organizations and in the restaurant and hospitality sector. A longtime Plymouth resident, she is dedicated to preserving Pinewoods Camp’s natural environment and historic facilities for music, dance, and song communities.

A trained biologist from her undergraduate studies, Chris spent many years working as an environmental educator at the South Shore Natural Science Center (SSNSC) in Norwell, MA. In her time as a naturalist at the SSNSC, she developed environmental education programs for school groups, teacher workshops, scout programs, and public audiences. While working as an environmental educator, Chris also worked for twelve years for the Outback Steakhouse franchise working her way up to manager, regional coordinator, and restaurant proprietor. After several years of full-time hospitality management, Chris’s dedication to serving communities and the environment brought her back to the South Shore Natural Science Center. She returned to them in 2009 first as a naturalist and volunteer coordinator, then development director, and ultimately the organization’s executive director. SSNSC merged with the South Shore YMCA in 2011, and, following the merger, Chris played an integral role in bridging the internal and external members of the two organizations.  She served as SSNSC’s Executive Director from 2015 until 2021.

Chris is a dedicated community builder and has a passion for volunteerism and inspiring others. In addition to her years of professional work, she has also volunteered as a member of various local and state councils and boards including Appalachian Mountain Club, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, Massachusetts Marine Educators, and Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. She currently serves as co-president of Wild Ones, South Shore Ma Chapter.

While growing up, Chris spent summers away at a variety of camps and recalls many wonderful memories. These adventures strengthened her love of bonding with others through shared experiences, and it was these memorable events that inspired and shaped who she is today.

Head of Facilities

Head of Grounds and Pinewoods Camp caretaker since 2018, Dennis Carchedi is involved in the building of bathrooms, tables, benches, chairs, and the repairing of windows, porches, docks, etc., as well as the monitoring of camp’s water supply and septic systems.


During camp season each summer, a crew of about 15 people - some paid and some volunteers - work together as teams in the kitchen, on the grounds, in the office to help each session at Pinewoods run smoothly and comfortably. See the jobs page for further information about working on crew.

2022 Crew

  • Amanda Barbour (Head of Kitchen)
  • Kathryn Barbour (Cook)
  • Jessica Emery (Cook)
  • Alix Janssen (Kitchen Aide)
  • Hamish Swanson (Kitchen Aide)
  • Sam Overbeck (Kitchen Aide)
  • Kira Young (Kitchen Aide/Dishwasher)
  • Frannie Bester (Kitchen Aide/Dishwasher)
  • Sarah May Schultz (Pot Washer)
  • Anne Kennedy (Floater)
  • Daniel Friedman (Dining Hall Manager)
  • Elliot Layton (Head of Grounds)
  • Isaac Burr (Grounds Crew)
  • Fiona Rogers (Grounds Crew)
  • Erika King (Office Manager)