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Why support Pinewoods Camp, Inc?

Pinewoods Camp is an irreplaceable resource for the country dance, folk dance, traditional music, song, and early music communities. It provides a lovely setting, perfect for dancing, playing, and singing. Sustaining it, in the face of surrounding land development, aging facilities, and the need to keep fees within reach of future generations, requires support from those who value it, have experienced its magic and want to help it continue.

Camper fees cover only a small portion of the cost of maintaining Pinewoods facilities.

Each camper’s fee is the sum of Pinewoods’ charge for food, crew and services plus the program provider’s (user group’s) charge for programs and staff. Pinewoods relies on people’s donations to provide the funding for capital improvements such as renovating buildings, excavating and landscaping to prevent erosion, electrical wiring and plumbing upgrades, bathroom improvements, as well as NGI scholarship grants, and special reserves set aside to self-insure camp’s smaller buildings and to enable Pinewoods to participate in local land preservation projects. To gather that much-needed money, Pinewoods sends out an annual appeal asking people for year-end donations, and also gladly accepts donations at any time of year!

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Thank you for your generous support of this wonderful place.

Pinewoods Camp Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, thus contributions to PCI are tax-deductible.

Photo by C. Reynolds.