Much of the experience of Pinewoods is about sound. Walking around Camp, you notice both the human sounds – dance classes in session, folks jamming on a cabin porch, a group singing in the distance – as well as the sounds of Pinewoods’ natural environment. We invite you to sample some of the varied sounds of Pinewoods in the playlist below.

Body Percussion Class

Yaelle Azoulay’s Body Percussion class at English and American Week, 2013.

Northwest Morris Class

Dancers practice a Northwest Morris routine in Tom Besford’s introductory class at English and American Week, 2013. Accordion by Alex Cummings.

Walking to the Evening Dance

The sounds of the forest mingle with the sounds of music and dancers as you walk towards the evening dance. Recorded at English and American Week, 2013. Music by Naomi Morse, Anna Patton, and Jonathan Jensen; calling by Scott Higgs.

Foxfire – Portsmouth

Members of Foxfire play frequently at Pinewoods sessions for English Country Dancing.

Spring Peepers at Pinewoods

Every spring and summer, peepers, tree frogs, and numerous insects fill the forests around Pinewoods.

Elixir – Montreal / Pointe a Pique

Elixir is a contra dance band whose members appear frequently on staff at various sessions at Pinewoods.