Fragrance-Free Guidelines

Pinewoods Camp endeavors to create a welcoming and safe community. To that end, we ask your cooperation in accommodating those with chemical sensitivities, which constitute a recognized disability under the American’s with Disabilities Act.

Personal care and laundry products are an area where you can make helpful choices. As with peanut allergies, it only takes a very small exposure to be serious.  Even a tiny amount of scent under layers of clothes can trigger a serious reaction in someone with chemical sensitivities.

Pinewoods is taking the step of designating a fragrance-free bathroom/shower in Paris 1. We will also be providing complimentary fragrance-free shampoo, conditioner and soap in all bathrooms (we have been using unscented hand soap in the dispensers for years).

When packing for Pinewoods, we ask that you kindly observe the following:

  • Avoid bringing clothes to Camp that have been washed or dried with scented fabric softeners (like Bounce) and scented laundry detergents, as those smells persist for a number of days.
  • Use only fragrance-free deodorant while at Camp
  • Do not use perfumes, colognes, or scented/essential oils (such as lavender) while at Camp

If you must use scented personal care products

  • Do not use scented products in the Paris 1 bathroom/shower
  • Towel dry hair thoroughly, as the fragrance is most noticeable when hair is wet
  • Avoid applying any kind of spray, such as insect repellent or sunscreen in public areas and please don’t spray within 20ft of others. (Use the smoking areas if you cannot find another spot to spray.)
  • Please don’t spray in cabins or changing rooms.
  • Please leave time after applying either insect repellent or sunscreen before swimming. The ponds will be happier.

Fragrance-free personal care products can be found at many retail locations (it may take a little searching, but they’re often there, especially in the baby care section) and through Amazon. Fragrance-free laundry detergent is available everywhere.

Thank you all for your care in addressing this important matter.

For information about chemical sensitivities:


NOTE: In thinking about this issue, it can be useful to reflect on our country’s changing views towards second-hand smoke. In the past, smokers used to have the “right” to smoke anywhere, and their impact on the people around them was dismissed. With education and understanding of the health impacts of second-hand smoke on others, there has been a paradigm shift to protecting everyone’s right to breath clean air.  As a community, we are committed to protecting the health of all.