Rules and Regs

For the safety and comfort of all our campers and neighbors, and for the preservation of our delicate environment, please abide by these rules and regulations:

  • Dance Pavilions: to maintain the good quality of the dance floors, no food or drink is permitted inside the pavilions. For your safety, you are required to wear shoes. Please do not dance in the same shoes you wear walking around the paths of camp. If you must wear the same shoes, please brush their soles very carefully before entering the dance pavilions. Grit on shoes damages the floors!
  • Amplified Sound & Late-night Noise: note that sound travels very easily across the ponds. For the sake of our neighbors, please:
    • After 11:00 P.M., end the activities in Hands Across and turn off amplified sound.
    • After midnight, move all dance and music activities indoors (this includes going off porches), and close all windows and doors.
  • Alcoholic Beverages & Drugs: the illegal use or sale of alcohol and drugs is prohibited. Legal drinking age in Massachusetts is 21.
  • Firearms are prohibited.
  • Pets and guests are not permitted at camp.
  • Smoking:  Smoking is permitted in only two places in camp: at the bench above the Dining Hall/crew parking lot, and in the area above the parking lot going towards Bamptons-in-the-Bush and Sleights. Ashes must be deposited in the butt-cans at these locations. PLEASE note the high danger of fire in our area.
  • Electricity: Turn out lights, if you are the last person to leave a building. Avoid the use of heat-producing appliances (such as hair-dryers) – if you must use one, be sure to use it only in places designated by the Manager or Grounds Crew, such as the First Aid Room or the Headington or Amsterdam showers. In case of power failure and consequent lack of water for flushing toilets, please use the outhouses.
  • Automobiles: Pinewoods’ environment is very fragile. Please keep cars in their assigned parking places and do not drive them around camp.
  • Environment: Stay on designated paths. Do not use soap or shampoo in the ponds. Please limit your water use – take long swims and short showers.
  • Wild Animals: Do not feed them (including the fish). Please be sure cabin doors are latched at all times, so that raccoons will not be able to come in and explore your cabin. Empty your cabin’s wastebaskets every morning.
  • Waterfront: Pinewoods does not assume responsibility for campers swimming, using the boats, or needing medical attention. You must follow the instructions of lifeguards and obey all Pinewoods Camp Inc. Waterfront Regulations (posted in the bathrooms).