Annual Appeal

Our Annual Appeal Letter is sent out in the fall of each year. The Annual Appeal Letter for 2022–23 is below. You can download and print the Pinewoods’ Donation Form or click HERE to donate online via Network for Good.

November 2022

Dear Camp Community,

Pinewoods has much to celebrate this year. This summer, the magic was evident in the music floating through the trees, the connections forged through storytelling, singing, and dancing, and the creation of wonderful memories together. Joy, awe, movement, music, and friendship triumphed. The summer was not without challenges. We juggled evolving Covid risks, storm-damaged cabins needing repair, our malfunctioning commercial-grade dishwasher, and the impact of Beech Leaf Disease on the surrounding forest. Through the resiliency of our staff, crew, and volunteers, and the patient support from our camper community, we weathered the storms. And with continued planning, investment, and support from the entire Pinewoods community, we can realize our mission and face storms that have yet to come. 

As we think about how being at camp inspires and energizes us all, your role in helping to create meaningful shared experiences is incredibly important. The wondrous connection between people and this place that we are lucky to share makes the magic possible. But the well we draw from is not infinite, and our extraordinary camp environment requires thoughtful care. Your presence each summer strengthens our vibrant community, and your generosity ensures that we can protect our natural environment and this sense of place for generations to come.  

As we kick off our 2023 Annual Appeal, we ask for your renewed financial support to help keep Pinewoods healthy and strong, and camp affordable and accessible for all. The camp community is the reason for our success, and we thank you for playing a vital role in making Pinewoods Camp a magical place for so many.

With Gratitude,

Chris Jacobs
Executive Director