Annual Appeal

Our Annual Appeal Letter is sent out in the fall of each year. The Annual Appeal Letter for 2021–22 is below. You can download and print the Pinewoods’ Donation Form or click HERE to donate online via Network for Good.

November 2021

Dear Friends,

Walking around Camp, I marvel at the simple beauty of its natural surroundings in fall: a cool, crisp day on Long Pond, the constant chirp of the crickets, the color of the leaves just starting to turn, the smell of ripe grapes on the vine, the scurrying of squirrels storing their cache. Such a lovely backdrop, yet it is so lonely. It is empty. It is missing the people of Pinewoods: the jovial laugh on the Camphouse porch, the clanking of plates in the dining hall, the sound of dancing feet on the pavilion floors, the late-night pub songs, the lively tune of the fiddle.

A new member of the Pinewoods community, Samson Fowler, a 2021 New Generation Initiative Scholar, described the essence of Camp perfectly: “I loved the unstructured evenings, where all over camp there were little gatherings taking place, dancing, or singing, or stargazing, or jamming. And I was welcome to join in any of them. Long into the night, there was music and merrymaking. What a rare feeling that is. To be there, and participate in this intergenerational community, is something everyone should do at least once in their lives. … And none of that would have been possible without the generous scholarship I received.”

As a nonprofit, Pinewoods belongs to you. Your passion is what makes Pinewoods, and your philanthropy keeps Camp healthy – both physically and in spirit. Today, we ask you to give generously to our Annual Appeal. Pinewoods requires support from those who value it, have experienced its magic and want to help it continue.

This past summer, Pinewoods provided a glimpse through the window of normality for ten sessions. A sense of community, a sense of togetherness. As we continue to balance the intricacies of a pandemic world, we hold dear the memories of this wondrous place until we can reunite amongst the pines.

In Gratitude,

Chris Jacobs
Executive Director