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NGI Recipient: Natty Smith

Session Attended: CDS Boston Centre - First Weekend (2007)

I had a wonderful time at First Weekend this year with the scholarship CDS-Boston and PCI awarded me. It gave me more opportunity than I’ve ever had to play fiddle for classes and the evening dances. I played for two-thirds of each evening dance, as well as a rapper class and a kids’ Morris class. Aside from allowing me to attend a weekend I couldn’t otherwise afford, this scholarship also allowed me the great honor of making and building upon connections and friendships with already prominent musicians. I joined those musicians on the stage at C# with some apprehension about my lack of experience, but by the end of the weekend felt comfortable in my rapport with them on and off our instruments. I look forward to playing music at Pinewoods and in other settings in the future, and am so grateful you helped me make this first step.