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NGI Recipient: Masha Schmitt

Session Attended: Folk Arts Center of New England - Folk Days (2017)

Being at Pinewoods this year was an absolutely amazing experience. I could even call it a Utopia. I loved that you could dance after every meal, which all were amazing, and then had a bit of time to rest. I really like taking the advanced classes in the afternoons, because it gave me a bit of a challenge. I really enjoyed getting to play with the Next Generation Band during the waltz social. I hope we get to play again next year! I discovered that everyone there would never judge you for anything that made me who I am. It was a nice break from the outside world. I love the community there. It feels like we are all one big family. I really enjoyed learning some traditional French dances and Dances from the Caucasus. I love the music that was played. I’ve never heard French music played with a bagpipe. I think I amanaged to take advantage of all the possible folk dancing moment I was able to take. It’s really nice that Pinewoods tries to keep all the music payed by a live band, instead of a computer recording. Once my summer camps end, I plan on going to as many additional folk dances where ever hey are. I hope to return to Pinewoods next year for the FAC International Week, since I can’t decide what my favorite type of folk dance is. I have made so many new friends and have gotten to know so many new people. I don’t know how to thank you enough for this. That was a life changing week. I’m forever thankful for this opportunity.