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NGI Recipient: Joanna Dudley

Session Attended: Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - Scottish Session I (2009)

Pinewoods! I miss it already, and it’s only been two weeks. I was told about the camp by an alumnus who came to our college class, and she described it as the best place ever for Scottish dancing. I got out of the car thinking “Well, if mom can fly out to San Diego for a swing dance convention, I can go to Scottish dance camp for a week!” As soon as the applications were available, I sent mine in, and when it became apparent that my finances were not what I’d hoped, I applied for scholarships. I am so utterly glad that I did, because without this scholarship, I may not have been able to attend, and I would have missed out on one of the greatest experiences in my life.

Pinewoods was fantastic. The classes were wonderfully taught, and despite my aching feet and calves I did my best to attend them. The dances were amazing – the music was beautiful, the people were welcoming and friendly, and the programs were a perfect mix of challenging and enjoyable. I have only been dancing a year, but I intend to continue, both at school and in the local community. And study abroad schedule willing, I will be back at Pinewoods again next year! I want to extend my deepest thanks to those who provided the money for the scholarship and to those who decided to offer it to me – Pinewoods was a truly incredible experience and I look forward to returning next summer!