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NGI Recipient: Emma Snope

Session Attended: Country Dance and Song Society - Harmony of Song and Dance (2011)

During Harmony Week, I especially enjoyed being surrounded by people who were as into music as I was. In addition, it was wonderful to be able to participate in musical activities all day long that I knew were benefitting both my playing and singing greatly. I had a fantastic time with all the classes that I took, and it was awesome to form deeper connections with many people.

I gained a lot of confidence and experience with my fiddle playing from this week, in addition to a sense of who I wanted to be. I really want to have music be part of my life when I’m an adult, so all the staff at this week were a shining example to me of just how well that can work, and how satisfying it can be.

It was very obvious that the program directors had done a lot of work ahead of time and behind the scenes, so that once the actual week started, they didn’t appear to be leading more than any of the regular staff.

I will definitely use the skill and confidence that I built at Pinewoods in my home community. I was already helping the sit-ins at our monthly music sessions and dances, but this added experience will make it even easier.

I think that the scholarship program should definitely continue. I think that it gives young people who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to come. They get a chance to gain inspiration, experience, and confidence from experienced leaders at a magical week in a magical place.

Thank you endlessly for this wonderful opportunity. I would not be where I am today with out it!