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NGI Recipient: Ashley Davis

Session Attended: Country Dance and Song Society - English & American Week (2014)

Pinewoods is a very magical place, from the second you drive on the dirt path away from the hustle of every day life.  It took about a day to get acquainted with where everything is in correlation to everything else.  Hunsdon House was the perfect spot to look out over Round Pond.

The NGI scholarship helped me to connect with people from all over the states and Canada, and many of them I would not have any other opportunities to meet them.  The workshops were very laid back and a lot of fun. Being at Pinewoods makes you want to save money and come back again.

I will have to say that my favorite part would have to be the song that we sang at the end of the evening.  It had such a calming and relaxing vibe.  I enjoyed the evening after parties just as much as the events during the day.  It was a great way to sit and have great conversations with friends.  I love the fact that I am surrounded by such talented people and at any given moment you could hear music and singing and even laughter. The kitchen staff should also get special recognition because the food for every meal was phenomenal.

I had the privilege of being a part of the Dance Organizers Course.  I have come back with several great ideas to take back to my home community.  Several of the communities have signs that they post in the bathroom with information about a contact person if you feel uncomfortable at any point in the evening.  Gaye [Fifer] is compiling all the information together that we have brainstormed and she will be sending all the group members a copy.  I also shared my story with Pat [MacPherson] and Mary [Wesley] and that is such a cool experience.  I love the fact that I will be a part of history.  I plan on trying to get a few other Ohio folks to experience Pinewoods.

Thank you for this life changing experience.