New Names for Two Pavilions

February 7, 2023

Happy New Year Pinewoods Community,

The final stage of a two-year journey is at an end. We are pleased to announce the new names for our dance pavilions originally named C# and C# minor. 

Thank you to everyone who suggested names and participated in this renaming process. Your input and ideas inspired the Pinewoods board members throughout this process.

“Hands Across” is the new name for the pavilion set in a grove of trees down past the vernal pool behind the Pinewoods Camp office. Hands Across refers to the many ways dancers from different traditions reach out to other dancers; the ways singers sometimes join hands connecting everyone in a ring; the way Pinewoods participants—campers, Program Provider staff, teachers, musicians, faculty, performers, and Pinewoods staff and crew—come together and join their hands across generations; and how the pavilion itself holds all these various people across traditions and over time, through the past, present, and future.

“Pine Hollow” is the new name for the smaller pavilion beside the road between the camp entrance and the Camphouse, at the bottom of the path from the Bampton-in-the-Bush cabins. Geographically, a hollow is a small, sheltered place. It is also, like the hollow in the palm of your hand, a place that can hold. This pavilion holds music, dance, song, stories, laughter, memories, people, passing birds and animals, wind and sounds in all seasons.

Hands Across and Pine Hollow will be featured on new signs and maps. Program Providers and their staff are asked to use the new names in all written communications and printed schedules, and to make an effort in spoken announcements. Children and newcomers will find it easy.  We recognize that it may take the rest of us time to adjust to this change. We ask that everyone be patient and respectful with each other as we learn to use the new names.

The names C# and C# minor will always be important parts of Pinewoods’ history. Details for where and how we share the history at Camp are part of the ongoing work of the board. We expect to have some sort of display completed by our Centennial in 2025. 

The Pinewoods Camp Board of Directors look forward to the 2023 season and hope to see you there.

Pinewoods Camp, Inc. Board of Directors

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