An Invitation: C# and C# Minor Discussion

September 28, 2021
Members of the board of Pinewoods Camp, Inc invite you to register to participate in one of two on-line discussions in regards to the request to change the names of C# and C# Minor:
Click HERE to register for Wednesday, October 6 at 7pm
Click HERE to register for Saturday, October 23 at 10am
Background Information:
Pinewoods Camp has been asked by some members of the Camp community to change the names of C# and C# Minor.
In a play on his name and the musical notation, the pavilions’ names honor Cecil Sharp (1859-1924) who died in the year before construction on the first pavilion began. Offended by some of Cecil Sharp’s writings and beliefs, these individuals request that Pinewoods Camp stop calling Pinewoods’ pavilions after him.
The purpose of the discussions is for us to listen and offer an opportunity for our constituency to be heard and hear each other. The discussions at Camp this summer were interesting and respectful. These discussions are a step in our process in deciding how to make a decision about this request.
For context about Sharp and his views, please see this open letter, penned by a longtime Pinewoods camper. The English Folk Dance and Song Society is undergoing similar conversations. For information about Cecil Sharp’s relationship to Pinewoods Camp look at this article from the summer issue of the Pinewoods Post.
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