2023 COVID Policies

May 30, 2023

With the advent of the 2023 camp season upon us, PCI would like to share our COVID policy and the rationale behind it with our community. Our priority as an organization is to keep everyone at Camp safe and healthy, and to strive to keep it open and running for all to enjoy. 

Rejuvenative time at Camp is perhaps even more important these days, given the various stresses and strains in our culture, and we want as many people as possible to benefit from the camaraderie of being there. 

It has become clear from past summers that any negative impacts on a session not only affect that current session, but have repercussions for subsequent sessions as well. We want to give everyone their best possible chance of attending and enjoying Camp this summer.

One unique aspect of Pinewoods is the engagement of our crew, paid and volunteer, with campers and programs throughout the summer. We are striving to balance the needs of our crew with those of our campers so that we can continue to keep Camp running and ensure that everyone has a positive camp experience. 

As a result, we are publishing the following updates to the COVID policy for attending Pinewoods this summer. We reserve the right to make changes to this policy during the summer in response to changing conditions. Our program providers may choose to apply their own additional guidelines that may be stricter than what we outline here and, if so, we will support their decisions. But at a minimum, to attend Camp, we require the following:


All campers must provide proof of vaccination against COVID. This includes a minimum of the original vaccination series (two (2) Moderna, two (2) Pfizer, one (1) Johnson & Johnson, or two (2) AstraZeneca vaccine(s)) OR the bivalent booster. This includes all participants over 6 months of age.


  • Campers and staff staying 4 days (3 nights) or longer will take a COVID test (rapid antigen or NAAT): 
  1. upon arrival at camp, 
  2. 24 hours after arriving at camp, and 
  3. 48 hours after arriving at camp.
  • For sessions lasting  less than 4 days (3 nights), campers will test twice: 
  1. upon arrival at camp, and
  2. 24 hours after arriving at camp.
  • We strongly encourage testing prior to arrival at camp, especially for those traveling long distances. 


  • We require all campers and staff to wear high filtration masks indoors, which also includes dance pavilions, for the first 24 hours at Camp. After 24 hours have passed and there have been no reported cases of positive COVID tests, masks will become optional, but encouraged. 


  • By attending Camp, campers and program providers attest to the following points on the PCI Attestation. Anyone not able to say “yes” to each point should not attend Camp.
  • In the week prior to arriving at Pinewoods, we kindly ask incoming campers and Program Provider staff to wear high-filtration masks in indoor public areas and in gatherings with any people who aren’t in their households. 

We hope these measures will allow everyone to enjoy their time at Pinewoods this summer while feeling safe and staying healthy.

Pinewoods Camp, Inc. Board of Directors

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