Getting More Comfortable With Gender!

March 12, 2022

Tuesday, April 12 | 7:00-8:00pm | Zoom
Getting More Comfortable With Gender! 

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People who are the same gender can present themselves very differently. People who are different genders can present themselves similarly. Everyone of any gender (or no gender at all!) can benefit from thinking about their own gender(s) and how they want to present those genders to the world! Join Kat Dutton as they talk about different gender identities, roles, and presentations and share some ways to play with your own gender! All are welcome to learn, share, and be a part of this presentation!

Katarina Dutton is a white, nonbinary, mathematics teacher and folk dancer from the greater
Boston area. They have been lucky to have had the space to explore and play with their gender for many years now and in a variety of roles and ways (including as a professional role model and speaker to the trans and nonbinary teenagers where they work!). They began coming to Pinewoods in 2011 and have returned every summer since (well, almost…) at Scottish, ESCape, or work weekends. One of their favourite things about folk dance is the ways it ties into gender presentation and role, and they are always seeking new ways to play and present themself as their fullest, most exuberant, self –and to help others do the same!

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