Take 5: A Longsword Intensive

January 8, 2020
Photo by Maddie Freeman

Photo by Maddie Freeman.

So you think you can count to five?

Program Director: Gillian Stewart

Come learn “Take Five”, an exciting and mind-bending dance by Judy Erickson and Orion Longsword. “Take Five” combines the figures and precision of traditional English longsword with the creativity and fluidity of jazz. The dance is aerobic and complex, and requires dancers to learn to think in 5/4 time. Participants will learn the dance, discuss the ways in which modern choreography informs living ritual dance traditions, and practice observing and giving constructive feedback to performance groups. This course is for 9 to 18 people ready to run, jump, and bend for 3 hours a day.

Saturday p.m. to Saturday a.m.