Crew Application

Fill out this application to apply for a summer job at Pinewoods Camp, Inc. Please first read the general info and job descriptions on the Jobs page. We strongly encourage you to write down your answers to longer questions elsewhere (such as in a word-processing document) and then paste them into the form. That way, you are less likely to lose anything.

General Info

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Choose your first choice position. Additional questions will appear at the end of the application based on your selection.
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Permanent Address

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Miscellaneous Info


Include the following: Years, School Name, Major Subjects, and Degree(s) Granted
Include dataes, a description of the training, and any certification earned.


Include the following: Dates, Employer, Address/Phone, Nature of Work, Supervisor, and your reason for leaving.

Camp Experience

Include: Dates; the Camp Name, Director, and Address; and whether you were a Camper or Staff


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Give name, address, and phone of three references (not relatives) having knowledge of your character, experience and ability. (for example: co-worker, minister, honest friend) Indicate their relationship to you.
Include the following: Name, Relationship to you, Address, City, Phone

Short Essays

Grounds Crew Supplement

Describe your experience with the following:

Kitchen Aide Supplement

Cook Supplement

Potwasher/Dishwasher Supplement

The following questions are for those applying to be a Potwasher/Dishwasher.

Volunteer Supplement

The following questions are for those applying to be a Volunteer. Preference is first given to individuals who have the ability to volunteer for a minimum of three consecutive weeks.