Royal Scottish Country Dance Session I & II

November 5, 2015

Photo by Ken Launie.

Scottish Country Dancing combines the grace and control of balletic footwork with the exuberance of Scots folk dancing into a social dance tradition that is simultaneously vigorous and elegant. Dancers dance in sets of four couples to reels, jigs, and strathspeys played on fiddle, piano, and pipes. Scottish Sessions at Pinewoods offer two of the best SCD programs in the country for beginners and advanced dancers alike, along with Highland dancing, step dancing, and music classes. The Scottish Sessions are also known for their outstanding teachers and musicians from both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. Our featured SCD teachers for 2016 are Antoine Rousseau (Paris, France), Elaine Brunken (Kansas City, MO), Tim Wilson (San Francisco, CA). Jen Schoonover will be teaching Highland and Cape Breton Step Dancing. The music staff, directed by Barbara McOwen, includes Catherine Miller and James MacQueen (fiddle), Laird Brown (accordion), Peter Barnes and Don Wood (piano), Howard Lasnik (drums), Scott Weaver (bass), and Stephen Thomforde (p[ipes). Pinewoods is the perfect setting in which to learn or perfect one of the most exhilarating forms of social dancing. Ceilidhs and after-parties for all are part of the Pinewoods Scottish experience. Join us for the weekend (Session I, July 8-11), the week (Session II, July 11-16), or both!