Folk Arts Center of New England Weekend and FolkDays

April 27, 2018

Photo by Ira Gessel.

International folk dance and music is an exhilarating gateway to experiencing and enjoying other cultures. Cultures featured by our world-class dance staff in daily classes included Turkish dances and the Cuban-based Rueda de Casino; music will be supplied for each evening’s three-hour dance parties by an amazing array of musicians. In addition to two daily dance classes geared to all campers, the sessions offer a daily “party prep” class covering classic international folk dances that are done at the evening parties, advanced dance classes,  “Culture Corners”, singing, drumming, and instrumental workshops, and late night after-parties –  and you’ll still have time for swimming, boating, and the simple pleasure of being at Pinewoods!

With a weekend session (June 20-24) geared toward adults and a FolkDays session (June 24-27) that adds age-appropriate classes and activities for children, or the option of staying for Both Sessions, there’s truly a place for everyone. See you there!

Weekend session:  6/20-24: Thursday afternoon to Monday morning

FolkDays session:  6/24-27: Monday morning to Thursday morning

Both sessions:  6/20-27: Thursday afternoon to Thursday morning