Folk Arts Center of New England Weekend and Folk Days

November 5, 2015

Photo by Ira Gessel.

International Folk Dancing gives us a way to experience the traditional dances of many regions and ethnicities. This year Maurits van Geel (with special guest Tineke van Geel) will teach dances of Western Europe and the Caucasus and Normand Legault will introduce French Canadian quadrilles, set dances and step dancing.

In addition to two daily dance classes geared to all campers, we offer a daily basics class with master teacher Marcie Van Cleave, advanced dance classes with our guest teachers, singing and instrumental sessions, evening dances with the fabulous seven-member Pinewoods Band, and after parties –  and you’ll still have time for swimming, boating, and the pleasures of being at Pinewoods.

With a weekend session (June 23-27) geared toward adults and a Folk Days session (June 27-30) that adds age-appropriate classes and activities for kids, there’s truly a place for everyone. See you there!

Music by The Pinewoods Band, directed by Tom Pixton

Weekend 6/23-6/27: Thurs. p.m. to Mon. a.m.

Folk Days 6/27-6/30: Mon. p.m. to Thurs. a.m.